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I found some deck planning sites for all of you who are building your own deck or thinking about building your own deck. The links below have 2 FREE programs 1 pay program that can help you with the planning part, some even have material list breakdowns for you to use. When looking at deck plans you may want to keep in mind if your budget does not allow for your dream deck currently you can build a basic deck and add on later.


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As always when working with wood measure twice cut once. Share

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Things you should think about when building a deck

There are many things to think about when you have decided to take on a deck building project. I myself have built wood decks, composite decks, repaired decks and done demolition of decks. Here I will go over a few things to think about that people sometimes skim over and later regret.


1) Budget – This is important it will determine your material, wood vs composite which is more expensive but requires less maintenance. It will also help you decide the size as you may want a full wrap around deck but your budget may only allow a 14 x 20ft deck. 2) Tools – Do you have the tools you will need if not are they in your budget? Are you prepared to purchase or rent them. 3) Time – This is largely dependent on the size of the deck your building. Word of warning weather does not always cooperate. I do NOT recommend  using power tools in the rain EVER. Even if the wife want the new deck done by labor day. 4) Plan it out – Do research. Many home improvement stores have departments that can help you with this. There are also programs you can purchase that can help you design your deck. 5) Prep the work space – Clear any obstacles that could get in your way. The kids bikes, the grill etc Its no fun trying to untangle your extension cord from around your 3 year old’s big wheel. 6) Make sure you have a dry level space to have your wood materials delivered. – If you have a covered space like a garage or carport that is best.   You do not want your wood to become warped it will make it harder for you to work with. 7) I personally recommend using deck screws and not nails. Yes they cost more and will take longer to build, however in 2 or 3 years you won’t be tripping over nail heads. Be optimist, you can do it. Good luck and measure twice cut once. Share

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