To DIY or Not to DIY?

To DIY of Not to DIY? I saw this infographic and had to giggle. Then I read it through and it has real valid questions. So have a look and see for yourself. Be honest and if you can DIY I hope you do.

To DIY or Not to DIY? ourhometips
To DIY or Not to DIY? ourhometips

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Do You Have Mildew on Your Home?

Do you have mildew on your home? Maybe, has your nice home developed some green spots on the siding? Mildew is gross but if you live in a humid climate it’s bound to happen that sometime you might get mildew on your home. Mildew likes to grow in moist shaded areas so it’s usually found on parts of your home that get less direct sunlight. You can usually find it on spots where the morning dew doesn’t dry quickly. I live in the south and It’s quite common due to the humidity. It’s like house acne and it just looks awful. If left untreated you can get mold and you just do NOT want to let it get that far.

What to do? There are commercial products available that you can buy to help you remove mildew on your home, or you can try my mildew removal mix. Here is what I do. First I get my grubbiest oldest clothes on because you will get bleach stained and you may want to cover your hair or put a ball cap on. I also suggest covering your eyes with some safety glasses for this one.


Things you will need:

A sprayer
Safety Glasses
Rubber Gloves
Big jug of Bleach. Name brand or generic whatever is on sale is fine.
A sturdy ladder
A garden hose
A pressure washer or a good pressure hose attachment for your garden hose
(I will find some links for you below)
Maybe A long handled deck brush or broom

Okay Get your gloves and safety glasses on.

Here is the Mildew remover recipe:

Fill your spray 1/5 full of bleach then fill to the fill line with water. Do not overfill your sprayer. Close it up and give it a little shake to mix.

Spray it on the parts of your home that have mildew. When setting your sprayer, you want to go for a heavy misting to medium rain spray rather than a direct stream. Use the ladder carefully when needed to reach any higher spots. Whenever working on a ladder I always suggest you have someone there to steady the ladder. You will want to make sure this person is dressed for the job also because bleach mist is the eyes is no good.

Let the bleach mixture sit a minutes. You will see it starting to work. Some spots may need a little more spray than others and some may need a little scrub. If so break out the deck brush and go at it. If your home has a lot of mildew try to work in sections because it will dry rather quickly. Now that you have covered the mildew and given it a couple minutes to work, It’s time to rinse it off real good with water.

I want to remind you to use caution and your own judgement when attempting any projects you read about here or anywhere else. I work on ladders often and am comfortable working on them. If you have any concerns about working on a ladder you probably should not do this. I am in no way advising anyone to do this. You have to make your own decisions. Working on ladders is dangerous. I am merely sharing how I do this. Also I have never had a problem with any discoloration of the siding. However if you have concerns you should check with the manufacture of your siding for their recommendations.

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We all want our homes to look nice and I hope this helps you keep your house looking nice and mildew free.

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