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How to plant a mini herb garden

Herbs are great they make your food taste delicious. Fresh herbs though escalate the flavor even more in short they are amazing. Here is a video for how to make a mini herb garden. Below it is the list of things you will need.


Items you will need:

A container

potting mix or good soil

herb seedlings

I prefer Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley.

Garden gloves

Garden Trough

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Do Coffee Grounds Really Work as a Free Flower Fertilizer?

Every morning I wake up and I make coffee. I walk outside and I shake the grounds over one of my flower beds, specifically the one closest to the front door. I haven’t actually drank my coffee at this point I’ve only just brewed it so three steps is about all I take. What I have noticed is that I have the most beautiful Irises there. I have more Irises throughout my property but these are hands down the best thriving flowers. This is even in comparison to the Irises just 3 feet away and those get more sun. Take a look for yourself.

white Iris from ourhometips
White Iris from Ourhometips

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Container Gardening a Small Salad Garden

This video will show you how to plant a salad garden in a container. This is the perfect little garden if you do not have space for a real garden or you would just rather have something that can be moved if necessary. You can grow this small salad garden on a balcony or a patio even.

Our Home Tips

Items you will need:
Good sized container

Dirt – potting mix preferably soil mixed with compost

Tomato Cage or garden sticks what we used

Garden Trough

Garden Gloves

Lettuce seedlings

Tomato seedling

Cucumber seedling

container gardening

You can also plant cherry tomatoes or lettuce in hanging baskets.

Happy Gardening

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