How to get an earring back that fell down the floor vent by ourhometips

How to Get an Earring Back From Down the Floor Vent?

Here is how you retrieve an earring or something small that fell down the floor vent.


Things you will need.

A vacuum cleaner with a long hose

An old knee high nylon

A rubberband or duct tape

Maybe a paper towel tube or gift wrap tube

Slip the knee high over the end of the hose then either rubberband it on or duct tape it on just make sure it stays when the vacuum is turned on. Next remove the floor vent then stick the hose in and turn on vacuum wiggle around until you get it. The knee high should keep it from getting all the way sucked into your vacuum. If your vacuum hose is not long enough you can try extending it with paper towel tubes or gift wrap tubes and duct tape.

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