Dresser into tv console from ourhometips

Recycle a Dresser Into a Cute and Practical TV Console

Everybody has a TV, and with a TV you have a remote one for the TV, one for the Cable, one for the stereo system, and several controllers for any game consoles you may have plus your CDs and DVDs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that stuff neatly tucked away out of site. I saw this dresser conversion and thought wow what a good idea. I like this conversion because it offers storage space for all the remotes, controllers, games and DVDs also because it would recycle a piece of existing furniture. If you don’t have an old dresser you can always keep an eye open for one you might like at yard sales or thrift stores. Look at the bones of the dresser, the actual wood portion. Keep in mind you can paint it to a color you prefer, also remember you can swap out the knobs and handles too, but do find one that is structurally sound. This is not mine as I have a wall mounted TV. However I did feel this is definitely a good idea for those in need of a TV console and were up for a fairly simple project.

Dresser into tv console from ourhometips
Dresser into tv console from ourhometips

As you can see some plywood cut to fit into the drawer spaces, a little sanding, a little painting and and you’ll have recycled a dresser into a cute and practical TV console.

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