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Spring is almost here. What does your lawn look like?

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Today we are going to talk grass. Now is the time to sow your grass seed. Very early spring or fall is usually the best time. I do not recommend planting grass seed in the summer due to the high heat or winter due to extreme cold.

perfect grass
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About now you might be thinking what kind of grass seed should I buy? Before you go buy your grass seed take a walk around your property and really take a good look at your lawn. What type of grass do you have now? Not sure? take a picture on your phone to bring with you to the local lawn and garden retailer or home improvement store. You can also ask your neighbor, you know the one who has lived in the neighborhood a while and has the perfect lawn.

Are you looking to just fill in a few patches that died? Really look at your lawn and try to determine why did those spots die? Is this in a high traffic area? There are companies that sell special high traffic area grass seeds. If you have lots of trees and lots or bare spots under trees you probably need seeds that grow best in the shade. Do you have patches that look scorched? If you have a lawn that gets mostly full sun, you should probably look for terms like full sun, or drought resistant, heat tolerant.

There are companies that make combination sun and shade seed mix. These usually cost a bit more but if your lawn is fairly equal parts this might be the best option for you. The point is before you spend money to buy seeds and your labor involved in sowing them, You really want to know what kind of seeds will grow best for your yard.

Okay so you’ve looked at your grass or lack thereof, talked to neighbor perfect lawn, and now you are at the home improvement store. You will see there are many types of grasses, Some have thick blades some thinner some are lighter green some darker green. Pull out your phone look at your lawn and remember to look for the best match for the area you need sun, shade, or mix. Don’t buy Kentucky Blue grass if you have a light green lawn. Try to match as best you can. Keep this in mind especially if you are just planning to sow a few patches and want it to look nice with the rest of the lawn.

You have found the seeds you want but wait don’t run home just yet. Do you have straw to lay over your newly planted seeds if not get some otherwise you’ll have spent good money on seed to feed for the local birds. Do you have a sprinkler and long enough garden hose? if so great if not go get things things. Once you get home read the directions for sowing your seeds and follow them. They usually say to rake the area to prep the soil for the seeds don’t skip this step. Also they usually say to make sure you water your new seeds everyday at least until you see them sprout so be prepared to do this. Do not plant your seeds and then go on vacation.

With some planning prep and old fashioned work, You can make your dreams of a lush lawn come true.

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