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Top Ten Tools Every Homeowner Must Have


You just bought your new house. Congratulations! You are no longer spending your money on rent making your landlord fat. You are now building equity in your very own home. Everything is great until you hear it, drip, drip, drip and find out the bathroom sink has a slow drip that kept you awake all night. Now what? You can’t just call the landlord like you did when you were a renter. Time to call a plumber, until you find out how much a skilled plumber costs, rightfully so I might add. Perhaps you decide you can replace the faucet yourself, why not you have watched lots of DIY shows. Then it hits you, the realization that you have been a renter you don’t have tools, you didn’t need them. Now that you are a homeowner you are going to need tools. Below I have compiled the basic must have tool list for every new homeowner.

1. A medium weight hammer

2. An adjustable wrench

3. A measuring tape

4. A level

5. A Phillips head screwdriver

6. A flat head screwdriver

7. Needle nose Pliers

8. Regular Pliers

9. A Drill

10. A ladder tall enough so you can change any light bulbs in and around your house. For the standard 8 ft ceiling a 3 step ladder will be fine for most projects. If you have vaulted ceilings you better save up the higher you go the more expensive ladders are.

The above list will get you through many common homeowner repairs and basic tasks. Be realistic now that you have some tools you can put up a few shelves, or hang some artwork, change a washer in the faucet. Remember owning a few tools does not qualify you to put on a room addition, take on small projects at first and know when to call in an expert. Pat yourself on the back, with tools you are on your way to becoming a boneafide DIY-er.