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Flower Garden Basics

   It’s officially spring and you know this because the flowers are blooming. If they are blooming in everyone’s yard except yours, and you are thinking I want flowers too. Here are some things you should know.

First off, Flowers come in 2 forms annuals and perennials.

Annuals: You buy them and plant them and in the fall they die. One season use. They are usually very pretty and come in lots of buy me now colors. I do plant annuals in flower pots by the entry however I do not spend a lot of money planting a full front garden of them. Some very popular annuals are petunias the wave variety is nice plant 3 or 4 early spring by June your planter is overflowing with blooms. Geraniums are also a very popular they have long green stems with bright red blooms. Pansies grow in bright colors they do well in part sun shady areas. There are many more varieties to choose from at your local nursery or garden section of your home improvement store.

Perennials: You buy them and plant them and they come back year after year. YAY! Many will spread, meaning that you plant a 4 of 5 this year and next year you may have 8 or 9. Popular ones are tulips, daffodils, paperwhites, hyacinths, day lilies, blue bells, salvia, roses, azaleas just to name a few. Many are bulbs, and can be split in a couple years to plant more somewhere else in your garden. There are so many beautiful perennials to choose from. Most of my flowers care perennials.

Where to get your flowers: For annuals they are sold just about anywhere. I’ve seen annuals being sold at local nurseries, in front of the grocery store, home improvement, and almost all super chain department stores. Local nurseries tend to water there flowers better and are usually not root locked. For perennials I prefer to purchase via a catalog as most of mine are bulbs and ship just fine. I have even ordered live plants such as a Meyer lemon tree that shipped fine. The catalogs give you more information about what zones you can grow the flowers in also they usually have better prices and special deals. Often they will throw in some free bulbs usually something they have overstocked on. I like flowers and I like free flowers even better. I will try to find some links for some of my favorite flower catalogs to add below. Another option you may consider if you know someone who has a beautiful bulb garden, compliment them and ask if they have any extra bulbs to give you. I myself have given many bulbs to friends and family. Some perennials can be grown from cuttings from a friends plant. You usually need to buy rooting powder and they take a while to establish but if you are patient that could be a free from a friend option as well.

Tools needed: Garden Gloves, a hand trough, a hand rake, a large rake, to get all the leaves and debris away from the area you want to plant, a bulb planter optional if planting bulbs, A good hose nozzle or wand type nozzle with varying spray options, a kneeling pad.

Time commitment: Depends on what you plant roses need to be fed staked and pruned they take a bit of time. Most bulbs I plant I water sometimes when needed, not a big time commitment. It’s something to consider when making your selections.

What kind of flowers do I have?:

IMG_20140412_123008_525 IMG_20140412_123102_050 IMG_20140322_140422_729-1

Well what is in bloom right now I have pictured above Daffodils, petunias and hyacinths. I hope this information will help you select the right flowers to beautify your home. Its so nice to be able to go outside and gather fresh cut flowers for my table. I know you will enjoy it too. Good Luck and happy gardening.

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